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9 Essential Tips for Furnishing a Brand New Home

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9 Essential Tips for Furnishing a New Home

Furnishing a new home is a daunting task, especially without breaking the bank. But we're here to help. Click here to get 9 tips you can't live without.

Did you know that the home furnishing market is worth $33 billion dollars?

People love decorating their homes - whether it's with seasonal decor or necessities like furniture, having an empty house is like a blank canvas.

But furnishing a new home can add up quickly. New homeowners can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fill the space, and it can become overwhelming.

Where do you being? How much should you spend on each piece? Should you buy everything all at once?

In light of this, there are some tips to furnish your home without stressing about cost and comfort.

Ideas For Furnishing A New Home

Furnishing a house should be a fun experience. Decide what color schemes or themes you love and go from there.

Here are some tips for making your house a home.

Take Inventory of What You Have

Before you begin moving in, walk through your new home room by room and decide which pieces you already own that will work well in the space. This can eliminate the desire to buy more than you really need, and give you a vision of how you want the room to look.

This is especially important for those combining households. You may have more to work with than you realize.

If you want something new, sell it at a garage sale or online and use the cash towards a newer piece.

Prioritize Purchases

Most new homeowners do not have the money to spend on everything they want for their new home immediately. They rack up their spending thinking that every room needs to be completed top to bottom possibly adding financial strain on themselves.

The good news is, it's better to prioritize your purchases. After combing through your current inventory, decide what's a priority. You can furnish a room piece by piece instead of all at once.

Try Your Hand At DIY

Some creative types enjoy making their own home decor. DIY projects are no stranger to the internet, and there are countless ideas to build, create, or design your own pieces.

This is a good idea if you have a particular idea for a room and cannot find the appropriate item.

Tighter budgets can sometimes benefit from a solid DIY project.

Set a Budget

Which areas should you consider an investment, and which can you consider spending less? A dining room or kitchen table, for example, is an investment because of its daily usage. A decorative storage cabinet for the kitchen may not be as important.

Set accessories low on the budget list. These are not necessities and they can be purchased at a later date if you need other items in different parts of your home.

Deciding to buy new should bring some questions to mind:

  • ask about durability and how long the piece will last.
  • how are you paying for this item and does the store offer 0% financing
  • does the store offer any discounts if paying by cash or check

Plan Room-by-Room

If your house needs significant updates or furnishing, plan them out room by room. Which rooms need the most work and can fit in your budget at that time?

A top suggestion is to renovate the master bedroom first. Most people spend about a third of their time in the bedroom, so you want it to be an oasis. Consider this an investment - from the mattress to the bed frame and furniture. If you can, paint the walls and add window treatments.

Other rooms that get heavy traffic are the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Shop Second Hand

Try attending flea markets, second-hand stores, or estate sales to scope out possibilities for objects you need. If they're not a priority or you enjoy refurbishing things, this could be a great opportunity.

Searching online at Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace can be good places to start.

Don't just settle for anything simply because it fits your budget. Ask yourself:

  • Is it in good condition? Any serious scratches, dents, or bumps?
  • Will it work for your style or can it be an easily changed to work within the theme or color scheme?
  • Where will it go exactly?

It's better to be cautious and purposeful about choosing your furnishing. Don't be shy to accept well-meaning hand-me-downs from family and friends if it meets the above criteria. You can save quite a bit of money if it's a piece you need!

Resist Matching

When glossing through the pages of magazines, the pictures of well-matched rooms are tempting to recreate. Everything looks so clean, organized, and properly designed. However, it gets expensive and a home is more exciting when it reflects you and your personal style.

Try gathering pieces that are unique to you and that define the space well. Each space should be comforting, practical, and fun to decorate.

It's Ok to Leave Some Space!

Not every wall has to be crammed with decor or furniture! Having an openness and space actually creates a more pleasing aesthetic. And remember, when you're in the room with others, everyone is taking up that space!

The same can be said for filling walls with photos, art, and other pieces. One striking wall hanging can set the tone of a room by itself. Aim for quality, not quantity.

Also, the proportion is important, especially in a small space. Stuffing a small room with an oversized sectional eats up space and makes movement difficult.

Always Bring A Tape Mesure When Shopping

Most furniture stores supply their workers with tape measures, but just in case in they don't, bring your own!

Be sure to measure your space and write down the dimensions of the room you're furnishing before you begin your search. Take these dimensions with you when you shop.

Be sure to include measurements of hallways and door. When the furniture is delivered this will save yourself the trouble if it doesn't fit!

Get Planning And Shopping!

Furnishing a new home should be a pleasant experience and if you do it right, you can enjoy it for many years.

Use these 9 tips to put the fun back in furnishing your home and create a space you love today.

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