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10 Tips for Making Your Living Room More Cozy

Cozy Living Room Living Room Tips & Tricks

10 Tips for Making a Cozy Living Room

Does your living room look cold or uninviting? Maybe you wanted to try the modern style out, with white furniture and crisp edges, but it just looks like that room nobody is allowed to sit in.

Your living room is an integral part of your home. You want to create a room that allows you to relax after a long day and let all the stress fade away.

When it comes time to renovate, consider going for a cozy living room. There are tons of ways to incorporate your style into the room while still maintaining that relaxing atmosphere.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 10 tips for making your living room cozy.

1. Have a Large Sectional Sofa

When you first decide to redo your living room, one of the first things you'll have to choose is the couch. It's the center of the room and the most crucial element, so you'll want to organize the rest of the room around the sofa.

Having plenty of sitting room is the first step in creating a homey living room. It should look like the entire family can hang out and watch movies together without feeling cramped or tight for space. That's why a large sectional sofa is ideal.

2. Opt for Natural Colors

Of course, you'll want to have a color scheme in mind before choosing all your furniture and decor. If you want to achieve that ideal cozy living room, consider using warm and natural colors, like tan or auburn.

An accent wall is a great way to add little extra color to the room without going overboard. Adding pops of blue and green is also a great way to add some extra interest while still keeping the natural color theme.

3. Incorporate Leather

While natural colors are a great start, you'll also want to incorporate natural materials to bring that cozy feel into your living room.

An easy way to do this is by opting for a leather couch or chair. If you prefer a different material for your sofas, then look for leather accent pieces, like a leather bench or leather storage chests. Just one little touch can make a huge difference.

4. Add Touches of Brass

Are you afraid that a room full of warm natural colors will look boring? Well, that doesn't have to be the case.

Using unique materials, like brass can add interest to your living room and help it look cozier at the same time. Clocks, decor, and furniture hardware can all be found in brass to create the ultimate cozy living room.

5. Let Your Wall Art Speak for The Room

So what can you do if you don't want to remodel your entire living room? Let's face it, renovations can get costly fast, and it's not always possible to start from scratch.

The good news is that you don't have to! Something as simple as changing out the wall art can help you create a comfortable living room. Look for warm wall art to alter the feel of your entire room while sticking within a low budget.

6. Leave a Fuzzy Blanket Out

Imagine it's snowing outside. You turn the heat up and sit on the sofa with your cup of hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket just watching the snow drift calmly outside your window.

While you won't be able to imitate snow or leave cups of hot chocolate laying around all year, you can keep a fuzzy blanket on display. Drape it over your couch or chair to make your living room look inviting and homey.

7. Go for An Oversized Ottoman

Have you ever been to someone's home and they wouldn't let you put your feet on the furniture? One tiny rule is can completely ruin a cozy living room and make it feel stiff.

If you want to keep your couch free of feet, go for an oversized ottoman. It'll give everyone a place to kick their feet up, and it'll give your living room that lived-in and homey feel.

8. Personalize It

Take a second to think about what a cold and non-cozy room lacks. Sure, it may have less plush furniture with sharp, defined edges. But what really prevents it from feeling homey is a lack of personality.

You want people to get a sense of who you are when they step into your home. Find wall hangings and home decor that reflect your personality and display them for everyone to see.

9. Use Plants

Alright, so we mentioned earlier that natural materials, like leather, make great additions to cozy living rooms. Well, you can't get much more natural than plants!

A large corner plant in your living room can make you feel closer to nature and more comfortable in the room. Plus, it's a great way to add that pop of natural color and get some added health benefits to boot!

10. Get Hardwood Flooring and Rugs

When learning how to make your room cozier, you may be tempted to add carpet. It's soft and plush, so it must make a room cozier, right?

Well, hardwood flooring paired with a plush rug is the better option. The hardwood adds another natural touch to your living room, while the carpet helps create the cozy feel by acting as a super elegant focal piece.

How to Create a Cozy Living Room

If you don't feel like you can relax in your living room, it may be a little too cold or stiff. But, don't worry! By switching up some furniture and design elements, you can create a cozy living room that's perfect to de-stress in.

Are you ready to go shopping for your new living room? Check out our products page today.

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